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Once upon a time, this section of the website was written in the third person, essentially someone else writing nice things about me. But then I figured it’d be better, if I told you about me, explaining the reason why I chose to become a nutritionist.

When I graduated London School of Economics (LSE) armed with my Economics degree, I had no idea what I wanted to be. I dabbled in everything from Oracle Financials to corporate communications. And even though my expertise allowed me to work at prestigious organisations such as KCB and the National Bank, I soon got the feeling that I was meant to be doing something else. That’s when I became interested in the ability of food to heal.

It was only after a lot of flying back and forth from the UK, completing my clinical hours, coursework and dissertation, that I qualified as a Clinical Nutritionist and Phytotherapist. At the time, Kenyans really weren’t sold on the idea that what they put into their bodies dramatically impacted their health. Almost a decade later, from Mombasa to Marsabit, people are finding that their niggling health concerns are a thing of the past simply by changing their relationship with food.

So what makes my approach so different to that of my contemporaries? In short, I’m not afraid to tell the truth, whether it’s about what parents shouldn’t be feeding their kids, to what you really need to do if you want glowing skin, better cognitive function, or a pain-free body. As my readers and patients know, I’m not interested in short-cuts or magic pills, rather my work is grounded its strong scientific roots.

To that end, I am is currently registered with professional bodies that demand the highest standards of clinical practice, including the British Association of Nutrition Therapists (BANT) and Nutritional Therapy Council (NTC), both based in the UK.

And what do I do when I’m not busy being a nutritionist? I’d say that my three children are in the top spot, with yoga coming a close second. Both help to keep me truly grounded.