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It’s no exaggeration to say that I love writing. That’s why, a few years ago, I decided to focus on doing just that. While I am still happy to make a TV or radio appearances for companies that I feel uphold a commitment to quality, natural, products, I work very selectively on such PR campaigns.

But back to the writing. My publisher calculated that, at present, my combined readership is of over 35 million a month. Even though that sounds like an awful lot to me, I always wonder how many of those people are actually applying the principles I extol. Are you?

You see, it’s all very well agreeing that say, drinking enough water is good for you. It’s quite another to put it into practice. So what I’d ask you to do is to implement one healthy change every year, whether it’s eating something orange or green every day, or drinking alcohol twice as opposed to three times a week. As I tell my patients, you don’t need to make grand sweeping changes to impact your life – baby steps will still get you to the same goal. But do take those baby steps, otherwise what’s the point of reading my columns and nodding your head?

So if you’re serious about making a change, pick up a copy of one of my columns today.

I have two columns in the Daily Nation.

One is in the Living Magazine on Wednesday, and the other in the Saturday magazine

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