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Quite simply, because it works.

In the immortal words of Greek Physician Hippocrates (460-377 BC), ‘Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food’. You see, whereas diet is all about the food you eat, nutrition and nutritional medicine is about so much more; it’s about nourishing every single cell in your body.

Nowadays however, it appears that we have an abundance of calories, but nowhere near enough actual nutrients. We’re overfed but undernourished - and that’s what can lead to imbalances in health.

And what we often forget is that our health is largely up to us; the choices we make every day can lead to either vibrant health or to a never-ending struggle against chronic conditions.

Many of the people who see me have already realised this, but they’re left trying negotiate the minefield of what food is ‘good’ and what’s ‘bad,’ either becoming overwhelmed with the various choices or deterred by all the restrictions a healthy regimen appears to entail.

Enter nutritional medicine. It works by restoring and maintaining good health through the use of diet and supplements, by addressing the underlying causes of a person’s health problems rather than just the symptoms.

I've seen nutritional medicinework in a variety of scenarios:

  • Treating a chronic health condition
  • Preventing health problems, such as degenerative disease
  • Helping to cut down, and often eliminate, medication and doctors appointments (natural medicine is always better than the synthetic kind with its various side effects)
  • Reaching your peak physical fitness,say for a particular sport
  • Getting your body, and your life, back in shape, after years of neglect

I’m not offering some miracle cure, just the tools to help you understand your body and help it to repair and heal itself. The truth is that each one of us is biochemically unique with our own dietary needs. The trick is to identify what foods agree with you and will give you the most energy, while improving your digestion, skin, hair, mood, and resistance to disease.

Seeing a clinical nutritionist doesn’t means cutting out all “bad” food and surviving on a diet fit for a rabbit. It’s more a case of varying the diet to include many new foods, so that healthy eating becomes both enjoyable and satisfying. That’s why my focus is so much on educating you, rather than throwing a list of 'dos' and 'don'ts' at you.