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Detective, Gardener and Lemonade-Maker rolled into one.

Once upon a time, I qualified as a nutritionist. My work involved educating patients, rather than throwing a list of dietary dos and don'ts at them.

Whether my patients saw me for faulty digestion or problem skin, infertility or chronic fatigue, the plan of action was always realistic and achievable, struggle-free and sustainable. I found nutritional medicine worked, and worked well.

But while patients got better, sometimes, many years later, they’d be back – often with the same ailment.

Why would someone’s ulcers get better, say, and then come back after all that time? Because the metaphysical issue that caused the issue the first time, was still there.

For a long-lasting shift to occur, it wasn’t just about food or lifestyle; it was about a person’s vibration. It was about energy.

My scientific mind, coupled with my further studies in psychology and the ancient scriptures, soon helped me to find the hard evidence to support this. What I found is that for deep healing to occur, the patient in question had to have complete mental shift. It was as if they became new people. Being loyal to their suffering was no longer an option.

So the question isn’t whether a chronic ailment is treatable (it is), it’s about whether you’re willing to get out of your own way and begin.

Do you want to live your best life, or not?

Tropical Fruit Dessert

One-to-One Consultations

Sessions can be in-person or online

Corporate Seminars & Workshops

Learn how to optimise concentration, boost immunity and reduce stress (and therefore minimise sick days)

Commissioned Writing

Periodicals, corporate newsletters & other corporate collateral

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