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Fast Eddy

Today I met a tortoise. His name? Fast Eddy. And he was!

His friends were a bunch of dogs - puppies, actually – and that’s what he seemed to believe himself to be.

Fast Eddy would speed around the garden in circles, he delighted in being rubbed under his chin, and he even had ticks!

As I observed him waddling at this intensified pace amongst his friends, I realised that we really are the average of the five people we hang out with.

My kids found Fast Eddy strange, almost a little unhinged. It was as if he didn’t know his true nature, like he had forgotten who he was. “Mama, tortoises are normally so peaceful!”

I wondered about my own life. Was I consciously choosing my puppies? And what was my svarupa (true nature)?

Yes, my labels include mother, writer, singer, and naturopath. And yet, Sona is just a costume of a soul on a journey - evolving, experiencing, expressing.

So thank you Fast Eddy for the reminder not to get distracted and lose myself. Thank you for reminding me to keep peeling the layers and stay grounded. But most of all, thank you teaching me that even a tortoise who thinks he’s a dog, can be super-duper happy too.

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