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Hail to the Mouse!

There’s a popular misconception that the Chinese word for crisis is the same as opportunity. But even if it is not, today I’d like to embrace that idea.

That when someone throws you away, whether it’s in a family, a job, or friendship, it’s because there is a silver lining on that cloud that you can’t see - yet. And there is always one.

It happened to me recently and while it was painful, I could not have asked for a better outcome.

When we are not clouded by our emotions and projecting our ideas into other people (or situations), they can show you who they are. The problem is, we don’t believe them

We don’t believe that the job is that boring, the friend that inconsiderate, or that you really are letting yourself be made to feel guilty. You think you can change that. You think that things are different than they actually are. Nine times out of ten, they are not. They are EXACTLY as they first seem - you just don’t have the courage to accept that fact.

Courage is an interesting concept. I read something by Sadhguru the other day that said that we only require courage when we don’t have clarity. Profound words and very true.

When I am clear about who someone is or what a situation is, I don’t need any courage at all. I can be a total mouse. And then, knowing what I need to do, I step away from the cat that’s going to eat me, or my mouse friend who wants to take my cheese.

So easy. No courage. Just clarity.

And where does this clarity come from? From listening to your gut - that little voice inside you that says that you don’t want that second helping; what you’d really like is a hug.

As Rumi said, “God’s language is silence. Everything else is poor translation.”

So sit, very quietly, with your favourite piece of cheese, ears wide open, and see what comes.

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