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Knickerbocker Glories

Once upon a time, I spied an amethyst geode. It was majestic, magical, magnificent.

I have wanted one since. It feels like it was forever ago.

I remember I was utterly spellbound and I vowed that, one day, I would have one.

I would find a good place that sold them, I would have enough money for it, and I would somehow be able to get it back to Kenya. The plan was solid.

About three years ago, I found the shop to go to and yesterday, I finally made it there. In a large “barn”, somewhere in the middle of actually nowhere, I was in a room full of striking amethyst geodes. I simply didn’t have any words.

It was only by seeing the reflection of enchantment in my children’s faces, were we all able to exhale, “isn’t this place amazing?” And it was.

But a strange thing happened as we walked into the other rooms in the shop. There were so many other crystals: citrine clusters, delicate amethyst flowers, bright-white Moroccan quartz that looked like polystyrene, and an opalite necklace that had perhaps been left behind by alien visitors.

But I had wanted a huge black tourmaline for protection. Instead, I found a large ice-pink rose quartz to open my heart. How fitting.

I don’t think I left with anything on my shopping list.

It was like going out to buy bread and milk and coming back with everything required to make a knickerbocker glory.

This injection of magic was not the plan.

I keep getting off-plan.

I don’t understand.

Because I keep making such good plans.

I am so very grateful that I keep making such good plans.


Wishing you all a magical Winter Solstice today.

And a very safe and joyful Christmas.

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