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Seasons and Cycles

So after what seemed like an endless winter, spring has come. I worry whether a sprinkling of frost will stop the daffodils blooming but, for the most part, I am positive. A little freak weather never killed anyone.

Spring has meant inspiration coupled with unsureness, a bit like a new-born zebra finding his feet. But also impatience: when will summer come?

As I ask that question, I am reminded that autumn will follow summer, and then winter will come. I need to be able to enjoy the season I’m in, whichever one it might be.

So now, I am learning to walk, enjoying that there is no shame in falling over. I love that I can now see all the different new-born animals around me.

Everyone is finding their way. Everyone needs a little help and encouragement on their way. And it is willingly given and gratefully received.

This is the Circle of Life, the Law of Cycles. Everything changes, everything grows. And then everything dies.

I am at the beginning. I am finding my feet. I am trying new things. And I am smiling a helleva lot more.

I’m not in a rush. I’m happy for everything to unfold exactly as it should. And I don’t need to do anything to make it happen.

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