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The Genie

Be realistic. Plan for a miracle.

- Osho

Imagine you could have anything you wanted. Imagine you had a genie.

The genie is willing to grant you three wishes.

And once you’ve told her what you desire, poof, she disappears.

But then she’s back again, and she asks you a question: what are you willing to give up in return for the fulfilment of these wishes?

Well, surely the answer is anything, if you can have the three things you want most in the world, right? For argument’s sake, let’s say they are money, love/sex, and happiness.

Are you willing to give up your integrity for the money that you desire? Would you feel comfortable parting with your fidelity for more sex? What about leaving behind your most-treasured distractions, in order to begin down the path to happiness?

Sometimes, when we ask for things, we ask with no knowledge of what having that wish come true will mean. I remember a few years ago, in midst of marital woes, I prayed that my then-husband and I would have a better relationship. Now we do. I just never expected that we wouldn’t be married when my “wish” came true.

This is why, when we ask the Universe for everything that we desire, it’s a good idea to get clear on the deal-breakers. For example, you may decide that you’re not prepared to hand over your serenity, no matter what the prize, or that spending quality time with your children beats having true financial security.

Even though it feels a bit like making a deal with the devil, it’s not. It’s simply about helping to get clear on what the path to your dream(s) will involve.

We want “all blessings, no burdens”. We want something for nothing.

In the transactional world that we live in, this simply isn’t possible.

So now that you know the rules of the game, decide on what your three wishes are going to be. Decide what you want and decide what you will give the Universe in return.

It’s not about faith and believing that wishes can come true. It’s about knowing how to play the game.

Having everything you want is actually very simple.

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