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Ocean. Sailing boats. Soft guitar music playing “somewhere over the rainbow.” Stillness.

This is my vista from the cruise as we ease out of the harbour.

I spend so long looking for stillness, for peace, even though I know it’s not what you (can) seek.

And here, on the way to see what it’s like on the bottom-most deck from the very top, I have stumbled, very unexpectedly, on stillness.

It is the kind of stillness I didn’t know I was privy to. How is this existing for me, the person who constantly feels the foundation under her feet shaky and precarious?

Still, calm waves. That’s what it looks like on the way down. Maybe it’s not that way at the bottom. Maybe.

But from here, it’s still, so still. I don’t want to leave.

This too shall pass.

So let me savour it, fully, completely, thoroughly.

I take a mental snapshot. This can be one of my happy places.

The music changes.

It’s time to go.

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